TEKNOTERA’s vision is clear and simple: “Build solutions to bring our customer business to the next level”

In order to achieve this goal there are some steps we follow:

We get to know our customer

  • . We learn about the customer business, infrastructure, people, successes and failures.

We establish a great relationship with our customer

  • Any issue could be resolved if we have good communication with our customer.

We learn about the customer business process like we were working on their organization

  • We learn about the business process in all levels.
  • From the direction who wants to point the business processes in the right direction.
  • To management who want to see the results of the system.
  • Even to the operator who uses the system daily.
  • We learn from all the participants in the business to have a global view and help us to design the best solution.

We design our solutions by listening to our customers

  • We try to involve our customers in the design process to get all possible feedback in order to minimize possible last minute changes.
  • We do our designs having a complete understanding of our customer needs and capabilities.

We implement our solutions for the long term

  • We implement our solutions always searching for the best quality, efficiency, performance, ease of use, versatility, compatibility and scalability
  • We have a lot of experience in integrating our solutions with other existing parts of the business, leaving a fully integrated system rather than several isolated systems working independently.
  • We implement our systems beside our customer’s technical teams to allow them to understand the system since its inception and get relevant feedback from them.

We help our customers in launching their new system

  • We give full support to our customer during system start up.
  • We offer migration solutions to our customers to make the transition to the new system as smooth as possible.

We give support to our customers until the end of the life cycle

  • We offer different support solutions to accommodate the customer needs and make the final solution fit to the customer situation.
  • We manage maintenance tasks including preventive, corrective and evolutionary changes.
  • We offer onsite and online support.